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Digital Entrepreneur Professional Learning Program




3 Month


About the Course

This Program focuses on real world Practical learning, where you will build a tailored business blueprint that incorporates a combination of the most effective digital tactics and strategies derived from consulting with over 150 successful organisations. This blueprint can be applied to your business or start-up immediately on completion of the program.

Your Instructor

Reshenn Dhewnarian

Reshenn Dhewnarian

Reshenn is a Technology Certified Business Professional (ITCP), Practice number - ITCP00083260, and has over 20 years of experience in Business Strategy and Leadership across multiple industries, specialising in Technology and Digital Enablement. He has worked for and consulted with over 150 organizations globally and has a positive success, track record. Through this vast experience he is now driven to enable Businesses and Entrepreneurs with the necessary Practical Skills to Hunt, Sustain and Grow in business within the Forth and Fifth Industrial Revolution.

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